Emissions Testing Services

Emission testing, monitoring, measurement, analysis and detection services are provided to industry and manufacturing. We perform Source Emissions Measurements in the Manufacturing, Mining and Process industries.

We Offer Emissions Testing Services To & For:

Emissions Testing Services Include:

Inthuu Measurements use calibrated equipment which is traceable to National Measuring Standards for the following services:
• Emission measurements from Wet and Dry
• Emission Monitor Correlations.
• Combustion air flow to Gas flow Correlations.
• Source emission measurement for dispersion
modeling purposes.
• We do baseline emission studies for the
specification of Emission abatement

Monitoring of industrial air pollution control with Emissions Testing Services

Inthuu Measurements operates across the African continent and is an environmentally friendly enterprise that facilitates the monitoring of industrial air pollution control.

Inthuu Measurements is a level 4 BBBEE contributor and has state of the art systems for the measurement of dust and gas concentrations in the process off-gas or emitted into the atmosphere.

We employ highly qualified, experienced engineers and technicians.

What Is Stack Emissions Testing?

Stack emissions testing (stack sampling or stack monitoring) is the experimental process for evaluating the characteristics of waste gas stream emissions into the atmosphere from industrial facilities to meet environmental standards.

Stack emissions testing measures the amount of specific regulated pollutants or surrogates being emitted or determines the destruction or removal efficiency of a control device used to reduce emissions at facilities. Stack monitoring is an important tool used to determine a facility's compliance with regulated emission limits.