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We perform Source Emissions Measurements in the Manufacturing, Mining and Process industries. Our clients include not only corporate enterprises, but also smaller industries that operate Smelters, Furnaces, Boilers and Incinerators. We also provide a performance testing service to the manufacturers of emission abatement technologies such as Scrubbers, Electrostatic Precipitators, Fabric Filter Plants, Cyclones and Grit arrestors.

Our Services


Inthuu Measurements employ methods which comply with recognised International Standards such as ISO and USEPA. We employ a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance ISO 17025:2005. Our application for SANAS accreditation will be submitted in the near future.

Monitoring is our core business:

Emission license compliance testing in terms of National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act "Act 39 of 2004"

Emissions Testing:

Inthuu Measurements use calibrated equipment which is traceable to National Measuring Standards for the following services:

• Emission measurements from Wet and Dry
• Emission Monitor Correlations.
• Combustion air flow to Gas flow Correlations.
• Source emission measurement for dispersion
modeling purposes.
• We do baseline emission studies for the
specification of Emission abatement

Laboratory Analyses:

• Weighing.
• Splitting of bulk samples into representative
portions for chemical analysis.
• Particle Size Distribution Analysis (PSDA)
• Sub-contracting with SANAS accredited
Laboratories for chemical analysis.

Plant Performance Measurements:

Inthuu Measurements use calibrated equipment which is traceable to SANAS for the following services:

• Emission Control Plant:
• Electro Static Precipitator Efficiency.
• Fabric Filter Plant (Bag house) Efficiency.
• SO3 Dew Point temperature.

• Boiler Plant:
• Boiler Efficiency.
• Coal Sampling.
• Air Heater Efficiency.

• Turbine Power Plant Thermal Performance:
• Blading Efficiencies: High Pressure (HP),
Intermediate Pressure (IP),
Low Pressure (LP), Cylinders.
• Heat Rate.
• Flow Measurements • Water and steam.
• Temperature.
• Pressure.
• Electrical power generated.

• Cooling Tower Performance:
• Water flow rate.
• Water temperatures.
• Ambient air humidity.

• Auxiliary Plant Performance:
• Pump and Pipeline Characteristics.
• Compressors.
• Fans and Blowers.
• Cooling Systems.
• Heat Exchangers.

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