Source Emissions Measurements in the
Manufacturing, Mining and Process industries


Inthuu Measurements employ methods which comply with recognised International Standards such as ISO and USEPA. We employ a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance ISO 17025:2005. Our application for SANAS accreditation will be submitted in the near future.

Monitoring is our core business:

Emission license compliance testing in terms of National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act "Act 39 of 2004"

Emissions Testing:

Inthuu Measurements use calibrated equipment which is traceable to National Measuring Standards for the following services:

• Emission measurements from Wet and Dry
• Emission Monitor Correlations.
• Combustion air flow to Gas flow Correlations.
• Source emission measurement for dispersion
modeling purposes.
• We do baseline emission studies for the
specification of Emission abatement

Laboratory Analyses:

• Weighing.
• Splitting of bulk samples into representative
portions for chemical analysis.
• Particle Size Distribution Analysis (PSDA)
• Sub-contracting with SANAS accredited
Laboratories for chemical analysis.



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Plant Performance Measurements:

Inthuu Measurements use calibrated equipment which is traceable to SANAS for the following services:

• Emission Control Plant:
• Electro Static Precipitator Efficiency.
• Fabric Filter Plant (Bag house) Efficiency.
• SO3 Dew Point temperature.

• Boiler Plant:
• Boiler Efficiency.
• Coal Sampling.
• Air Heater Efficiency.

Plant Performance Measurements:

• Turbine Power Plant Thermal Performance:
• Blading Efficiencies: High Pressure (HP),
Intermediate Pressure (IP),
Low Pressure (LP), Cylinders.
• Heat Rate.
• Flow Measurements • Water and steam.
• Temperature.
• Pressure.
• Electrical power generated.

• Cooling Tower Performance:
• Water flow rate.
• Water temperatures.
• Ambient air humidity.

Plant Performance Measurements:

• Auxiliary Plant Performance:
• Pump and Pipeline Characteristics.
• Compressors.
• Fans and Blowers.
• Cooling Systems.
• Heat Exchangers.