Stack Emission Monitoring

Stack Emission Monitoring and testing is often referred to as air monitoring of an emission point. Normally, such monitoring is carried out on boiler stacks, exhausts from large production plants, discharges from bag filters, thermal oxidisers and is performed on a regular basis to ensure that the emissions are kept in check.

Emission Monitoring

Stacks from boilers and industrial processes will carry a large variety of pollutants such as SOx, NOx, dust and debris particles, solvents and other dusts and gases. These can have a detrimental effect on the surrounding areas air quality and health; it is for this reason that such emissions are often well regulated. Typically this regulation requires measurement of the concentration of these pollutants on a regular basis, often referred to as periodic stack emission monitoring. The regulation will usually set limits as to concentration of the emissions and the purpose of the monitoring will be to determine whether the emissions are below the limits.

Inthuu Measurements is able to carry out the stack emission monitoring of all types of stacks for all industries across the Southern Africa. Our technical team is fully able to offer this stack testing service.

Inthuu Measurements is able to offer a lower cost service that is fully compliant with the needs of small and large sites. All methods used are fully accredited.

When Is Stack Emissions Testing Needed?

Stack testing is required either on an annual basis or sometimes need to be monitored continuously over a 24-hour period depending on the scale of emissions being emitted

What if stack emission limits are exceeded?

Where emission levels exceed limits set in licences or permits this would be considered a non-conformance and the regulator would be keen to ensure that the matter is dealt with appropriately and rapidly. One option is to carry out that air dispersion modelling to ensure there is no detrimental effect on ambient air quality.

We Are The Experts In Stack Emissions Testing

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